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I used to tell myself
that I need to escape this place
but running away
only makes it easier

to let everything
stay the same
to work everyday

bringing food to this table
while making sure
the lights turn on
when the switch is flipped

I’m still doing the best I can
with everything that I have
so thankful and grateful
others would even call me blessed
ambition, i’m driven
never looking back on this path

My heart is always striving
for a time and place to open up again
until then i’ll hide behind these walls
I’ve built for myself
there’s no body left to blame

it doesn’t seem worth the effort
when second guesses become second nature
one step forward brings me two steps back
but to be fair i’m in this forever

content at where i am
but it doesn’t all stop here
this story is still being with another chapter to unfold

i’ve adapted along the way
gaining knowledge beyond every measure
you can never put a price on respect
never take away the experiences that i’ve felt

i grew tired wishing for more
for everything to fall in place
so now i have much more to show
other than my age

so I’ve made up my mind to look past these disguises
i refuse to rely on fate to see what happens

walking through the night kicking rocks down the block
I’ll follow these streetlights to see where they take me
maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out all off this
maybe tomorrow i don’t know what happens after all this

step by step my feet grow weary
but I’ve made up my mind

as children we liked to dream
this world was an ocean of possibilities
I’m still searching, still growing
My spirits broken but in the light of everything I’m moving forward

Do what you love
love what you do
its simple enough
so simple enough
don’t make it harder than it has to


from Bitter, released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Heart Museum Shiprock, New Mexico

sad heavy dad jams from the Navajo Nation

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