by Heart Museum

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released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Heart Museum Shiprock, New Mexico

sad heavy dad jams from the Navajo Nation

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Track Name: Northstar (feat. Nick Worthington of Castaway)
In a world so black and white
You can choose to be the grey
Don't be afraid to make your mark
Never let anyone stand in your way

Well it's nothing new
but it's surely not ok
To follow in the footsteps of those who blamed you for their mistakes

When the sun finally falls
And you're lost in the darkness of it all
Trust your heart and follow your North Star

With the bottom of your bottle
do you think about tomorrow
And how you promised yourself it would be ok when the sunlight hits your face
Fuck what the world thinks at the end of the day
You're the one that has to live with the decisions that you made

I'm always hoping for the best to those who constantly wish me the worst
I'll give my doubts a purpose
One that you will never forget
Get outta my head
Don't try and stop me
Things aren't the way they used to be
I'm not the same kid you took under your wing

The path I decided on is far from paved
But I devoted myself to find a place I can truly be happy
There's nothing too hard for me
not much more I can go through
In the little time that I've lived I should've died a million times

Numb to the pain
But I'll stand my ground


If they chased their dreams as much as they did their whiskey
It would be more clear how it's overwhelming to see where I'm standing
So go ahead and tell me what you think you've heard about me
But my words are pure as I preach them loudly
Track Name: Ninety-Three
I fucking hate you
Remember the day that you
heard you were my dad
I bet you froze up
Throwing beers back
Then got up and left
The fact that you ran out on me
Has made me feel like I've been trying to be exactly what you were supposed to be teaching me
When I would ask

The family that you left
Grows stronger with every breath
And the day you'll need us most
it'll be too fucking late
My mom was my dad
And the strength that I have
Will be more than you'll ever understand

How can I have so much hate for someone I don't know
You don't deserve my attention

And now I'm stuck with the thought of what if
And it's leaving me with all these mixed emotions
I grew up twenty one years later
Never knowing the word dad

I don't know whether to feel mad
I don't know whether to be depressed
I thought you'd be there in the end
I thought you would have come to your senses

there’ll be nothing that you could teach me
so don’t bother even trying
I’m acknowledging your existence
in my lyrics for the moment

so i can get the point through your head
on how all of this could’ve been different
but i’ll leave you buried deep
like you did with me in ’93

I'll acknowledge your existence
For this moment
I'll leave you buried deep
In ninety three
Track Name: Worthless
I'm trapped behind these walls
They're closing in
I'm suffocating, hyperventilating
Like it's not air that I've been breathing
How does it feel to be so hopeless
It's worthless
Nothing's gonna change
It's not cold enough to numb the pain
So I'll stick to jack and jäger bombs
Looking for the answers to all my problems

I wish that I could change all the things that I hate
I wish that it would change and stay that way
I hate everything I see in the mirror because that's not who I want to be anymore


I'm lost, alone
But not afraid because I know
I don't need you any more
I'm strong enough on my own
It's over, I'm sober
Can't do this any longer

It's all the same to me
All of this means nothing
Although my heart is beating
It doesn't mean I'm living

Desperately I’m wandering
Trying to find my so called calling
Because I’m still not content
With everything I am
Based on what I know
There’s still nothing to show
After 22 years of doing the things I love
And trying to call myself a man
Track Name: Reacher
I used to tell myself
that I need to escape this place
but running away
only makes it easier

to let everything
stay the same
to work everyday

bringing food to this table
while making sure
the lights turn on
when the switch is flipped

I’m still doing the best I can
with everything that I have
so thankful and grateful
others would even call me blessed
ambition, i’m driven
never looking back on this path

My heart is always striving
for a time and place to open up again
until then i’ll hide behind these walls
I’ve built for myself
there’s no body left to blame

it doesn’t seem worth the effort
when second guesses become second nature
one step forward brings me two steps back
but to be fair i’m in this forever

content at where i am
but it doesn’t all stop here
this story is still being with another chapter to unfold

i’ve adapted along the way
gaining knowledge beyond every measure
you can never put a price on respect
never take away the experiences that i’ve felt

i grew tired wishing for more
for everything to fall in place
so now i have much more to show
other than my age

so I’ve made up my mind to look past these disguises
i refuse to rely on fate to see what happens

walking through the night kicking rocks down the block
I’ll follow these streetlights to see where they take me
maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out all off this
maybe tomorrow i don’t know what happens after all this

step by step my feet grow weary
but I’ve made up my mind

as children we liked to dream
this world was an ocean of possibilities
I’m still searching, still growing
My spirits broken but in the light of everything I’m moving forward

Do what you love
love what you do
its simple enough
so simple enough
don’t make it harder than it has to
Track Name: Bitter
I saw this coming
And I did nothing
But let it all get to my head
You loved me and I loved you
This story's been told before
You made me hate you
And now I'm growing old alone

I've given up on this night
A normal life will never be in my sights
I've sacrificed everything I had to get where I am
I'm still not satisfied
I've come to far to give up now
This body hasn't broken down
Feet don't fail me now

And now I'm walking home alone
Without expecting you to call
Don't be surprised if you catch the sight of me staggering on the side of the road
These frozen tears of too many beers are draining down my nose
And it's so god damn cold


trying to move ahead
without leaving behind
the things that made me who i am

won’t immolate
what I’ve gained
Even if you’re apart of it

I'll build a fire with this lighter and pour gas on my chest
So I can feel warm again
Can I feel warm again
(Like the time I actually meant something)


Don't turn your back on me
I've found my right to exist
Your knife needs no more companions
My back is not your wrists
I don't wanna spend my life trying to prove anyone wrong
I just wanna prove what I'm doing has been right for me all along